There are a lot of pictures of Kyoni on the internet, most by me, by a lot of people. If you'd like to have your picture of Kyoni or any character from the comic put on here just let me know. I can be reached here on comicfury, by email (, Deviantart (zerothe3rd), or on by the username 'z'. There is a lot of other people's drawings of Kyoni on's Shimmie's gallery. There is also a ton more random Kyoni's by me on there too! Lately I've been drawing more on Flockmod when I have time.

Hey check out this amazing Kyoni drawn by an artist named Elise! A friend of mine commissioned her to draw Kyoni but I had to share it here because it came out so well!  It is currently my phone's wallpaper.


Check out this Kyoni by Rulerhead! For the page I kinda had to censor the chest but if you click on it it'll take you to the uncensored, full sized, drawing! Thanks for the nice lookin' Kyoni Rulerhead! I like the gun in the background and of course Kyoni is lookin' good!



Oh wow this Kyoni is fantastic! That AR! That stock! The bipod! Such a cool looking piece of machinery! And of course Kyoni herself looks really cute too. It was drawn by mladshiy the writer/artist of Indocile Fantoccini

It's really something else! It makes me want to draw Kyoni with an AR like that.



A great Kyoni from Chippewa Ghost! It's really awesome; great gun, nice colors, and a cute Kyoni! Bring a .50 cal to a beach is certainly something she'd do! Thanks! 


Check out this awesome kyoni by Harajuku! Damn this is badass 



This was drawn by Manika Gupta


Here is one from my friend Angie (vgm) from Flockdraw. She always draws the cutest Kyonis. Her tumblrwas closed though... so no where really to link.