This page will be filled with random drawings of Kyoni or of the other characters of Wanderer. Drawings here are not cannon and are purely fun drawings, not concept art. Many of these are drawn in a public drawing board called Flockdraw at , on FlockMod, or in Photoshop.

Have a big file of 2020 drawings! There wasn't as much as usual this time around. 


Have a big file of 2019 drawings! Sadly not as many as 2018


So I had been drawing a lot in 2018 but I failed to keep this page up to date. So have a super file of a ton of drawings. This one actually contains some concept art for the characters!

Dec 2017 Kyoni! There were a lot more Kyonis this month.



Nov 2017 More Kyonis!



I kinda forgot to update this with a few drawings. I have been using a lot of images, not on this page, for incentives on TopWebComics. I think I'll put a few that I really like on here though.





Aaand a few cute Kyonis.


I created an improved version of Chapter 4's cover, where she's dressed as a Soviet Conscript/Guard! If you click on the link it'll go to the wallpaper of that size, thumbnail is below!





Halloween 2015!

Happy Halloween!

April 2014

Kyoni in Sublight

Here is a fun drawing that I did a back in 2014. I'm not too pleased with the skin but I really like everything else. I really like drawing Kyoni in random/weird places. 

I'll redraw this much later